Christmas time in the Berg

Join in the fun!

Christmas Specials

Our newsletter has just been sent out with our latest specials. Sign up here to snatch up great deals. Also, over the holidays, we are spreading some cheer with some last minute specials. Here is our current remaining availability and their special price:

Unit 1 (5 sleeper)

20-23 Dec for R1400/night
26-27 Dec for for R1200/night
31 Dec – 1 Jan for R1200/night
5-15 Jan for R1300/night

Unit 2 (6 sleeper)

24-27 Dec for R1500/night
30-3 dec/Jan for R1500/night
5-15 Jan R1300/night

Honeymoon Suite (2 sleeper)

20-23 Dec for R1200/night
26-27 Dec for for R900/night
31 Dec – 1 Jan for R900/night
5-15 Jan for R1000/night

Couple’s Retreat (2 sleeper)

24-27 Dec for R1200/night
30-3 Dec/Jan for R1200/night
5-15 Jan R1000/night

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